Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The second opinion

Yes, the bus did have wheels, tires, and seats. Tink and I picked the big leftie up in Philly at 1 am. Was it creepy? Naw, although you would not believe how many people are out or working at that time of the day. It was almost like a party. Almost....not really.

As he jumped into the car, I asked if he got any sleep on the bus. His reply was that he never ever sleeps on a bus because he either does not want to be robbed or have someone draw a mustache on his face with a Sharpie...paranoid perhaps...or just a good solid philosophy?

Today marks two big events. Event one is the second opinion. I have the opportunity to meet the doberman administrative assistant who would not let us through the door without the magic pixie dust. I finally found the right words to garner the appointment by saying to her: "Just forget it." Immediately the doors swung open and we were given access to the great and powerful uber-surgeon. After this appointment, we will know which direction that we are going to take with the surgery or rehab. Strap on your seat belt, we are about to hit 90 miles an hour.

The second event happened twenty years ago, when after eating at a Mexican restaurant in Newark Delaware, I went into labor. Was it the big dinner or the big kid? It took 24 hours before we actually knew. He came close to celebrating his birthday on February 29th, but decided he would start the life long torture of his mother at that point and entered the world the next day. Did I say that he was a big kid? The doctor stated that his feet were the biggest that he had seen in years. And so it goes...nothing changes. The feet are still big and he finds new ways to torture me on a daily basis.

Actually, I am kidding. He is the greatest guy and I am blessed to call him my son. He and his sister have made my life into an event. I never know what is going to happen and therefore rarely go to the movies since real-life does not compare to fiction.

We have been blessed with a very interesting life and I am grateful. Sure there are days when I sit on floor and aimlessly stare into space. Then there are other days when I can see the reasons for the turmoil and am grateful that we currently have the tools to fix them. For example, dad heard that Buddy would need to sleep in a lounge chair for the first few weeks since he will not be able to lie down. Guess what? We have an old lounge chair in the basement that would match the decor in their college apartment. You know the look...a ripped plaid chair that is semi broken would seamlessly look wonderful in the corner of the apartment next to Irene, the plastic blow up doll that has a hole in it. She is currently awaiting reconstructive surgery so that she can be inflated again. Sadly, she does not have insurance and therefore has to wait until the surgical resident can see her.

Back to Buddy...after the appointment, we are going to celebrate his birthday in style with chicken Parmesan and chocolate cake from Sparky's friend's bakery. Then he goes back to college to take a test and will returns home on Friday night for spring break. In the meantime, I am going to check out the basement chair to make sure that it can be moved to his apartment, perhaps clean it with something (not sure what...), and consider what I should get for him for his birthday....a new shoulder perhaps?

Have a great day!

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