Saturday, February 11, 2012

Is God a Giants fan?

Strept throat....yep...whew. I never thought that I would be happy about an infection but I am...he has strept and is feeling better.

What is not feeling better is the shoulder and this is perplexing. Here is a young guy with tendonitis who cannot seem to shake the pain. He can fall into a bit of a hole if it does not heal. However, let's look on the bright side....

He has tendonitis. The doctors and trainers are taking care of him. He is in physical therapy. Through all these efforts, his arm will be stronger than ever. The issue that remains is can he be patient as his body heals and strengthens OR is he going to push it and therefore return to the rotation before he is ready? What do you think?

Yep...that's right. My big leftie has many wonderful attributes, but patience is not one of them. He wants to be 'da man' now....not tomorrow, next week, or next month...Today....or perhaps even waiting in line for this kid. I suppose when God was handing out patience, Buddy did not wait in the long line and skipped it and headed toward another shorter line, like the height or smile line. He got a double dose of those attributes....but patience...oy!

And so, he has a scrimmage today and is going to pitch. The plan is to throw the ball as hard as he can to impress the coaches. Is this a good plan? I don't know, I am not a pitcher. However, as a college tennis player, I had to go all out to move into the starting line up and at times, my best effort was not good enough. This is the reality of life. The difference between the big kid and me is that I had no aspirations nor the talent to make it as a professional tennis player. I was average at best. I think that I was on the team for comic relief as opposed to my amazing serve. Was I this philosophical in college? nope...(I did not do very well in my philosophy courses...I am thinking a "C")....I was pretty peeved that I was not a regular starter and was certain the coach did not know what he was doing. Even today, I scratch my head and wonder....but....everything worked out for BPM. I have a wonderful family and group of friends, super kids....husband who supports my whims and crazy plans...or maybe he is just indifferent....who knows?

Anyway, I plan on sending good thoughts to college today for the big leftie as he attempts to bowl the coaches down with his fast ball and slider. In fact, I am going to take it another step, I am going to say a big prayer (not little....) but big prayer and ask for some assistance for his fast ball location. Is this the right thing to do? As dad says, "God does not care who wins the Super Bowl or a baseball game with all of the starving people in the world." Is that true? God is not a Giants fan? If this is true, then what about Tim Tebow? How does that explain his success? What about the people who point to heaven after they hit a home run or game winning foul shot. Was God watching? According to dad, the answer is "no." However, I am inclined (naturally) to disagree with him. I think that God cares about everyone and everything and there is a Master plan for our existence (is this called Determinism? Not sure). And playing sports has something to do with the plan. Somehow, someway, it is all related....playing sports...being on a team...working hard...being a team of this builds character and the inner person. So, when dad says "God does not care who wins..." I think that he is wrong...God does care...from a different perspective and not our earthly one.

Ooops...I am sorry. I am way too philosophical today for a person who earned a "C" in the course in college. Can you imagine if I really understood the course and earned an "A"? This blog would be sooo different.

Anyway, good thoughts....a prayer or two or three are going to heaven right after I click on 'save'. Have a wonderful's dad's birthday, so I am strapping on my skis and headed to the store to pick up ingredients for a special dinner...but first, a prayer for the big kid.....

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