Monday, February 20, 2012

And the beat goes on

Good morning! The sun is shining and the little children are outside playing in their little motorized cars. No walking or running right now...they have these oh so cool electric cars. They are laughing and smiling...what a great sight....

So, how is my little guy? Hmmm...not really sure. He was quiet yesterday and did not call me. I am not going to push it and will wait to hear from him. The team arrived back at the apartment at 1 am, so the magnitude of the shoulder injury is hitting home as I type.

How will he handle it? With grace? class? Naw...probably not. he's still a kid who has suffered a big personal loss. However, it is not the end of the world. This injury can be fixed and he will be better than ever. Sadly, there are external pressures on him to take a cortisone shot and pain killers. That's right....pain killers and cortisone shots and play thorough the injury. Is this what Marcus Welby would say to his patients? What about Dr McDreamy...shoot 'em up and throw him into the big game? Perhaps, they would like him to bite on a bullet as he cocks his arm back to throw the curve ball. Don't they think that it is killing him to be out of the line up?

In my book, this is not the answer to the issue and can only magnify the problem. And so, BP dad is headed to college tomorrow to discuss options with the coaches. The options that are not on the table include steroid anti inflammatory medication and some type of strong pain killer. Nope, my kid wants to be in the sport for a long time, not until the end of May.

Crazy! It's all pretty crazy....second and third opinions, surgery, therapy, physical therapy, rest, ice, elevation, acupuncture, hypnosis, reflexology, message, acupressure, and energy healing. The kid has a sore arm that has to be treated with a number of modern modalities which may begin with surgery. Let's keep in mind that he is still 19 and can heal a lot quicker than I can at the tender age of #@$$$^^.

And so, I will let you know what happens as news unfolds. Right now, we know that he is sorely missed in the bullpen and the coaches and players want to expedite his return. Unfortunately, this injury will take time and the patience of Job.

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