Monday, February 27, 2012

The five dollar bus: Does it have wheels?

Another beautiful February day! I want to send two shout to brother "C" who celebrated his birthday in style on Friday night with pizza, Merlot, and chocolate cake....what a great night...

The second shout out is to my brother in law, Big M who was awarded the alumni "Spirit Award" yesterday at the Communion Breakfast. Here is a guy who has continued to support his alma mater when the rest of us graduated and considered high school just a memory. He kept it a reality. He is on the Board of Directors and can be seen working at the high school at all hours of the day and night. He and big sis met there and have been together since those days (a long time). Even while battling cancer, he could be found at meetings, fund raisers, and games. he never forgot where he came from...truly remarkable and very worthy of the "Spirit"award.

And so, Tink and I had the privilege of celebrating with both of these wonderful guys which is why I have not been blogging. Too much to do and it has kept my mind off the ongoing saga of needing a second opinion.

Not much going on from a medical perspective. I am looking at the bus schedule and trying to hook him up with a bus trip rather than driving 6 hours to provide him with door to door service. With gas prices, those days are ending....and I do mean ending. One car ride round trip to and from campus costs me $80.00 in premium gas. A bus ticket to Philly costs $5.00. Yes, you saw it correctly....$5.00. I don't have to be Donald Trump or Warren Buffet to know which route to choose. Let's consider this....a 5.00 bus is this possible? Does he sit on the roof? In the trunk? On the floor? Does he stand the entire way down the mountain and turnpike? Does he have to drive it? Wash it? Fill it with gas? Why is this ticket only $5.00?

Who knows why, but the kid is taking the bus...oh shades of high school and elementary school when he took the bus to and from school. Once he earned his driver's license, he felt that it was his right as an American citizen and duty as a student attending a private school to drive like the rest of the rich kids. Guess what? We aren't rich and he was not given a cute little Mercedes or BMW for his he continued on the bus until I finally caved in and bought myself a new car. His temperament immediately changed from salty to sweet as can be...Imagine....

Sadly, the team is not doing well without him. They lost all three games in NC this weekend, and definitely could have used his special talents. He is frustrated...the team is frustrated...and the coaches are peeved. Interestingly, he is not the only pitcher who is re-habbing...there are three others....hmmmm...why are these kids going down and overusing their arms to the point where they all needed some form of surgery? I ask you...what could it be? Should their training be scrutinized for appropriateness? Are they training too much or too little? Are the exercises and weight training tailored for pitchers? I don't know, but these questions should be asked as he continues his rehabilitation.

Time for me to go to work. First, I have to meet Scooby and Sparky for lunch....Sparkly has a "friend" that she wants us to meet...nice! Gotta run....Have a good day!

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