Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thirty year old rookie's a new day, new week and another chapter in the life of the BP family. I have decided that the entries lately have been negative and a bit depressing, so it is time to raise it up a little bit. Yes, it is true, life is not fair...but we are not battling the big "C", schizophrenia, or bankruptcy. No, we have a boo boo on the shoulder....big deal!

Today begins a week in which we organize and get things together for the future. For example, we are seeking a second opinion since we go from rest, ice and Motrin from one doctor to "Cut me, Mick!" Is there an in-between opinion before surgery? So, I left a voice mail on Friday with another leading shoulder specialist for a third opinion. Dr G says "Do not tell him that this is a second opinion....surgeons do not like it." OK, I will never mention that he will be the third doctor in this process. Blue Devil sent a link to a renown specialist at Duke, which I will hold onto for a fourth opinion.

Dad is more skeptical than I am. I am confident that MD number 2 knows what he is doing, but who knows? Who ever knows? How is that for positive thoughts?

And so, nothing can be done until I hear from number 3's office. Somehow, I have to get in to see this guy, Dr. W and no one else. It may be tough to break through the 70 or so doctors, nurses, physicians assistants, receptionists, transcriptionists, and billing specialists in front of him, but I believe that I am ready for the job. I can be persuasive when I put my mind to it. I'll do my deep breathing exercises, squats, crack the knuckles, and run in place before the phone call is made. Perhaps I will have a venti bold Starbucks coffee before the conversation. They will never know what hit them. By the way, I stopped in Starbucks today for my Sunday coffee and the barrista never asked me if I wanted "room for cream" in my cup. Sheeesh...and I could not even garner an interview.

Now, it is time for good news...not good news...great news....Ok, not great news but amazing and awesome, stupendous and fantastic news....ready? Sit down....OK, stand we go....

Buddy's mentor, Coach T was signed by the Phillies yesterday! Did I say "signed"? Yes, I did!!!! Coach T, a guy who has been a mentor and big brother to my son has signed with the local big time major league team and we are thrilled! not just thrilled....elated...more than elated....ecstatic....jubilant....filled with joy and thanksgiving!

What does this prove? Yes, the guy can pitch, 'cause the Phils are the number one team....but, we learn that if you want something bad enough and are willing to work hard and make sacrifices, you can achieve that goal. The guy has made it...been rejected, cut, sent to the minors, sent to the Caribbean league, ate hot dogs for months, does not have a college degree since he has been pursuing this dream and finally...yes, finally, a thirty year old rookie!

We have learned that there is nothing beyond the reach of determination. A little cliche, perhaps, but relevant. If you feel in your heart that you are destined for something, then go for it. Do not give up until there is no longer a pulse...keep going, don't stop, 'cause whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger (another cliche, sorry). Way to go, Coach T...Buddy will be watching while his arm is in a sling and he one is more proud of you then your home town fans....

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