Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cake, cake and cake

Saturday morning in the northeast and the weather could not be more beautiful. I want to send a shout out to Blue Devil who celebrated her birthday yesterday. BD is an intelligent, witty, successful, professional woman who makes it all look so simple...Does anyone have someone is their life like her? Accomplished, gorgeous, great clothes, nice hair...the whole package? Happy birthday kiddo...and many more!

Speaking of birthdays, BP mom is aging too. Yep, it's birthday time and the friends will not let it go. I am not one to want to celebrate myself in any way, but this girl enjoys a happy hour or two or three. Well, yesterday's happy hour extended until midnight as we celebrated three birthdays. What celebration would not be complete without a huge chocolate cake? Yep...the fixins' for a real good time...cake, cake, cake and some merlot...does life get any better? Nope, not in my book....after being dropped off at home by my designated driver, Tink met me at the door and walked me to bed. Hmmm, I remember the days when I would walk or carry her to bed...role reversal, n'est-ce pas?

Today is yet another inter-squad scrimmage as the boys vie for their seasonal roles on the field. Buddy's goal is to be the first leftie out of the bullpen. He has to beat out LW and a freshman for the role. It seems as if LW is a bit out of shape, so he does not worry about him, but he is pushing to be 'da man'. That's right...the big kid wants to be the big, there will be no stopping him. In fact, he was in bed early last night and had on his pre-game face. No parties or happy hours for this guy. He plans on partying tonight. My prayer is that he does his best and when he goes out to celebrate with the guys, he is responsible and back home at a reasonable time.

By the way, it seems that Angel has a girl friend. Apparently, he is the third baseball player that she has dated in the past year. Do we see a pattern? It also seems that LW was and is in love with her, after all, she has a pulse, but Angel is a very happy man not only with his personal life but with baseball. It seems that his top competitor for right field has blown out his Angel steps in...badda bing...badda boom. Life is good for our Angel.

OK, it is time for me to go to work. I am still not done with the big project and have to work until completion. Today...please...let it be done today....puh-leeze!
So, I am off...thanks for listening!

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