Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Unlocking a mystery

Hello! Not much going on the BP home. Yesterday, there was no practice....just weight training and a circuit. Typical calls came through..."I'm so tired...I am sore...I am not hungry..." Huh? Not hungry? Are you in love? Are you sick? What happened to my son? Did an alien abduct him? Not hungry, he says?

Why does this surprise me? Well....as an infant, he would suck a bottle down (a full bottle) in less than a minute. In the hospital nursery, I was called by the nurses, I could hear this high pitched screech in the background..."please, BP mom, can we feed your son?" Sure...go for it...

He would eat the same thing for many years. For example, for nine years from K-8th grade, he ate a fluffernutter each day for lunch unless it was Texas Tommie day at school...then he would have a hot dog. He never ate spaghetti with sauce (only butter) but could down an entire pizza (doesn't that have sauce on it?). The kid can pack it away...over the holidays, I bought 4 packages of cookies from Trader Joes thinking that he would not like them. I was wrong. He ate all of them within 48 hours. It amazes me especially since I grew up with ravenous brothers.

When the kid would have a bad pitching outing, I would try to help him with his despondence by first promising cheap food....want Skittles? a coke? a hot dog? life saver? Gatorade? power bar? Happy meal? When this did not work, I would move into the heavy artillery...how about a cheeseburger? steak sandwich? chicken parm? OK...let's go and have a lobster dinner! Come on...be happy again! Ahhhhh!

Food has been an important part of our lives. Not only is it needed to sustain us physically, but we sit around the table at dinner and have a four minute conversation to catch up on the day before he runs off to sit by the computer and wait for his friends to 'facebook' him with the latest news or jab.

So, when I hear that he is not hungry, my 'spidey senses' are activated and I begin to worry. Could he be playing me looking for sympathy? Naw...no sympathy 180 miles away when I cannot make him his favorite cupcakes. What can it be? Sickness? Sadness? Fatigue? Or did he have a great big breakfast?

I may not be Nancy Drew or a Hardy boy, but the clues were quite evident. Therefore, I'm going to choose answer "D", the big breakfast. Eggs, bacon, and a bagel with several Gatorades can be filling and turn off the hunger button in the body. Well, I am glad that I figured out that mystery. On to the next....

Have a great day!

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