Thursday, February 9, 2012

One sick pitcher

Oy! Double oy! It seems that the kid is sicker than anyone had originally thought. As he made his way slowly to his doctor's appointment, he was so weak that he could not call me and talk while he walked. How is that for sick?

As I started to reflect upon his symptoms, I originally thought that he had strept throat, then it occurred to me, he could have mono! If that is the case, then "NASA, we have a problem!" Mono means a number of things. First, he would be quarantined from his team mates. Second, he can and will lose weight. Third, he will feel like poo for weeks. This is not an ideal scenario as the season begins.

However, rather than looking at the worst case, let's consider the best...the flu! yes, he could have the flu and in that case, the boy will be feeling better in a few days. I never thought that I would be excited about one of my kids having the flu, but if he has to be sick...let it be the flu...Yeah...that's right...nausea...fever...chills...vomiting...headache.

It's an election year, so I am submitting my vote for the flu....As they say in Philly and now and often!

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