Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The flu

The mystery of the big kid's anorexia has been solved. He has the flu. This morning he called to report the usual flu-like symptoms which can often mimic pregnancy symptoms....vomiting....feeling like doo-doo...light-headed and so on. When asked whether he had gotten the flu shot like I recommended in September, the answer was (naturally) no. And so, it is February. The kid has been walking around campus in shorts and a tee shirt with the warm-ish weather. He sits in classrooms with over 300 people. His hands are always near his face. He is tired. All of these entities can add up to the flu when a person is exhausted.

Now, here is the bright side. He has the flu ten days before he leaves for Florida. Therefore, he has time to be sick and regain his strength. He has to go to Tampa...after all, we figured out which hotel they were staying in and booked it. We have a rental car. We have plane tickets...we are GOING!

Sorry, kid...I love you BUT I am going to Florida next week and if you are too sick to go, I will really miss you. How is that for BP motherly love? He gets it...he would leave me too if it meant a trip to warm weather during the winter. He would send me a text to share what a great time he was mystery there.

Have a great day.

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