Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It's Wednesday...hump day....anybody tired of this week yet? What happened to winter? I am worried that we are going to have an icy spring. My theory is that there are so many snow flakes in the sky and at some point, they have to fall to earth. Please...oh please...oh not snow on the day that I leave for Florida....that would NOT be right. Airplanes do not like to take off during snow storms (nether do passengers). Why am I worried?

Well...I need a break from the routine. My last time away was a Thanksgiving trip to South Carolina, but we spent more time in the car than SC. Ahh...togetherness.....that trip was fun. Chill and Hunter were married in a splendid ceremony in the foyer. The day and bride were gorgeous and we celebrated in the style befitting the happy hour on the dock. Talk about a great wedding!

Anyway, the Florida trip is something that I am looking forward to....BUT...yes, there is a 'but'...the big leftie's shoulder tendonitis is bothering him again. I thought that he was finished with it, but tendonitis is tough to conquer. I am still nagged by the right elbow and have to baby it.

Last night I asked him where the team was staying. His response was "I don't know and I am not going to ask..." Dude, in that case, I might land up in the Wilderness Resort in Walt Disney World. Instead of watching the games, we will be riding Space Mountain or on the Pirates of the Caribbean. Speaking of DW, since the kid is not going to help me with the hotel reservations, I have no problem sharing this story....The first time that we took the kids to D-World, Buddy was 4 years old and Tink was 6. Before we travel any long distance, I would buy the cheapest toy in KayBee I purchased two action figures for $5.00. I figured that it would occupy him for the length of the plane ride. And it did...for the length of the plane ride from the airport to Disney resort...driving to the hotel, we entered the Disney grounds and he looked up from the action figures for 10 seconds..."Aren't you excited?" I response....

We checked in and Tink was doing cart wheels. Buddy had his action figures in his hand and was totally obsessed by them. Entering the room, he sat on a bed and did not move. Finally, it was time to leave for Epcot and he DID NOT want to leave the hotel room. "Not going..." he says..."It's going to rain..."
Is he kidding me? This is Disney World....Mickey Mouse..Chip and Dale...Aladdin...all of his favorite movie stars and he wants to sit on a hotel room bed and play with his action figures...should I be worried?

"Put the toys down and let's go..." Reluctantly, he lovingly placed the cheap plastic toys on the bed and followed me out the door. As we entered the park, it began to pour rain in buckets...he looks up and screams: "I told you it was going to rain!" Lesson learned...when you have kids, don't take them on vacation. Leave them at home with some cheap toys and head out. They will never notice that you are gone. Perhaps you can leave a snack or two and some water...but you don't have to nor need to take them....They are happy and content playing with a box, CD plastic case, or a straw.

Has he grown out of this need to play? Hmmmm, let's think...his purpose in life is to accurately throw a ball as hard as he can 90 feet across a plate....what do you think?

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