Sunday, October 13, 2013

A soup day

Good autumn morning to you! It's breezy and cool and now it feels like the season has changed. I love fall in the northeast. The leaves and weather are worth the wait.

How is Big M? Well, I did not go to the hospital yesterday as it was culinary therapy day for BP Grandmom and me. We got together at my house since I have a double oven and we can be more efficient as we baked and cooked all afternoon. Let me say that since there is nothing that I can do to help Big Sis right now, I can provide meals so that there is one less worry. From what I hear, the refrigerator is empty. This is not good, especially for the nephew Tuna who is a massive kid and eats his weight each day. Big M once shared with me the story of Tuna baking a pizza then flipping the entire pizza in half and eating it like a taco. Yep, we gotta feed that boy and in a hurry!

What else is going on? well, our Diva is healthy again and sitting next to me as I type. She is a great companion. I only wish that she was not so hyper around other people. I cannot even take her on walks because she goes crazy when she sees other people. but once she gets to know a person, she loves them and is quite loyal. For example, she loves when Wildcat comes to the house and will sit by her all afternoon. She runs around BP grandmom and sits on Pop's chest when he falls asleep in the chair.

My office mate's dog passed away last week and when I saw her, I could see her puffy eyes from crying. I get it. I would be devastated if something happened to Diva. She is the only one who greats me when I walk in the house and does not utter the sentence: "What's for dinner?" Or maybe she does and I do not speak 'maltese.' The quints down the road are in the process of adopting a maltese from an Amish farm (can anyone say 'puppy mill?'). Anyway, the puppy is going to arrive this week. Lil D is going to bring the pup to the house to test on Diva; if Diva handles the intrusion on her territory, I will consider getting another dog. But, let me be will be MY dog and I will train it. The dog will not pester people, bite them, nag visitors, or bark during walks. The dog will ask politely to go outside to the bathroom and keep her room clean. Oops....that sounds kind of crazy, eh?

How is the big leftie? Hmmm...not sure...he went out partying on Friday night and I did not receive a 2 am call, so it must have worked out fairly well. Then yesterday, he called about 1 pm with the "I'm exhausted" speech and went to bed. As of this moment, I am not sure if he woke up. Generally, I hear more from him over the weekend; but this one, he has been quiet. Perhaps it is in deference to the battle that his uncle is facing and he is just tired. Let's continue to put life into perspective, right, kid?

OK, I gotta check on my soup for the family. It is a soup day....

Be safe!

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