Sunday, October 6, 2013

Performance Evaluations

Yikes! It's overcast...what happened to my sunshine? After spending the week indoors, I was hoping for a little Mother Nature quality time today. Oh it goes.

Big M is hanging in there and is scheduled for a biopsy tomorrow. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. My culinary therapy helped me a great deal to relax and do something for someone else. yes, it probably added a few calories to the diet, but who wants to munch on carrots sticks when they are stressed out? Once Tink received bad news and I grabbed the Skittles. This was such a quick reflex for me, that I immediately knew that I was a stress induced eater. Knowing that, I still ate the bag without sharing it.

Ok, how is the big leftie? Did he call back after his figurative smack down?

Yes, he did. He called around 10 p in a better mood without complaining about his toothpaste or too much running in practice. I guess he got the message that life is much bigger than a baseball. And he should count his blessings that he is where he is and doing what he does....oh yeah, and that he is devilishly handsome with a killer grin....aside from that, he has nothing to complain about, so dude....keep it in perspective or I may have to take away that credit card that you have in your pocket....then you will have something to complain about....just sayin'

I have a friend who would dole out the weekly allowances to his 7 kids (yeah, that's 7....). They would be evaluated each week for their school work, help around the house, and attitude. That's right...attitude. I guess he handled his brood like he handled his business, giving his children weekly performance evaluations. If their attitudes were let's say: "crapp-o", then their allowance would be deducted by 1/3.

Here is my take on it. We did not give out allowances. The kids had everything that they needed for school and activities. If they wanted more, they had to work around the house. That's it. No performance evaluations, weekly meetings at the dinner table, or deduction of the kiddie paychecks. Just two kids and their parents who felt that if they wanted more than what they had to survive, they had to work for it. Did it work? Hmmm....perhaps...I find that my son is very frugal with his personal money, but when it comes to mine...well, can anyone say "Chipotle?" Yep.

And as far as Tink is concerned, she has new wheels in the garage thanks to her parents, so can anyone say "overindulged?" Actually, we live in a country setting and do not have access to public transportation..., so unless I want to driver her around, she needed a car. And it has to be reliable. And yes, both dad and I concurred several years ago that we would not buy the kids a car, yet......never say never....She needed the car to get to school and work...and so, it sits and looks very pretty.

Ok, I gotta run and meet Big Sis and the folks.....take care....keep things in perspective....

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