Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Living with Cujo

Good morning! It's so pretty here with the leaves turning colors. I would love to take a ride to the mountains to see my big kid this weekend. He seems in terrific spirits even if he cannot say it in espanol.

I want to publicly apologize to Sparky. Last night after happy hour at the house, Diva went crazy and bit her arm. Yeah, that's right...that little 7 pound dog with the furry white coat. She bit her AND drew blood. This is a double oye! Diva, how could you??? What a menace...now what? She has already been kicked out of doggie behavior class. She's basically a good dog but had been outside barking crazily at the dogs in the neighborhood, so she was in the attack mode. Nevertheless, she acted like a big bully. She knows that I am angry, she has been hiding from me. Yeah, no treats from me, you menace! 

And how is Big M? Well, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. His wires need to be adjusted today, so his discharge from the hospital has been delayed a bit. He's frustrated and who can blame him? By the way, we are going for a miracle. yesterday, I stopped at a convent for retired nuns and put him on the prayer list. We won't stop for anything less....Ok...how is that for positive thinking?

Just one note as I witness how much this guy is loved by his family and community. My sister in law and I activated a website for family and friends to receive daily updates on his condition. Embedded in the website is the ability to volunteer to give rides, be chemo buddies, and cook dinners. People want to help but do not know how to, therefore, this website is perfect to spread the word. He is a popular guy who gives and gives and hates to receive. But, guess what? After all of these years of giving, we need to give back to him for his kindness, love, and generosity. That's all there is to it....

Today, I continue PT on the arm and it is starting to hurt more! Actually, Tank is trying something new and said that it would sting....yep, it stings and smarts and hurts...but it is nothing in the scheme of things. Guess what? I really don't miss tennis much at all. I cannot believe that I am saying it, but with Big M and the needs of the family, tennis has taken a back seat in the bus to being available for support. Giving tennis up because of the arm has no longer been an internal struggle. I can exercise and do other things for health. I do miss the girls, but get plenty of opportunities to see the gang on

And so, I have to prepare for leaving the house, seeing Tank, and teaching a class. If all goes well, I'll make it to the gym for Sh'Bam. yeah, I am now addicted to it. It's only taught twice a week, so I try to make the classes. It is a fun way to dance off the pounds and stress. Try it....you'll like it.


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