Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pile of poo

How about those storms yesterday? Today is cool and breezy and it seems that autumn is finally here.

How is Big M? Well....he still needs our good wishes and prayers. I can't go into much detail now since the family is dealing with a very big blow. BUT Big M is a tough dude...a survivor. He's not about to give up. AND we are sending zillions of prayers to heaven. No worries. Although, I got to send props out to Big Sis. She is not going to let go and will do everything in her power to help her husband get through it. On the other hand, I am continuing my culinary therapy and making pulled pork...I have no other ways of coping except for cooking. Although if I start eating the fruits of my labor, then I am sunk and will never fit into the fall pants which I will try on today. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed.....I have to be able to pull up the zipper and sit down without splitting the back seam...ahh, such a visual....

On to the big leftie.....he is in a wonderful mood. No salty calls in the past few days. in fact, he was more worried about the home front than the fast ball..or was he?

Now, I am getting this information second hand from dad since I doubt that he wanted to talk about baseball with me BUT....apparently he saw the head coach in the supermarket yesterday. When the coach asked him what he thought about the previous day's outing, the kid gave his honest report. Some good...some bad...worked through the difficulties. Then, unsolicited...the coach said: "you have the best stuff on the team." And with that sentence, the kid glowed as he passed through the produce aisle into frozen foods.

Best stuff. eh? Is this true? Really? A coach finally recognizes the guy's potential and is not playing mind games with him? Shall we review the last 15 years of his life as he struggled for acceptance and acknowledgement that he could possibly have a future? Oh yeah, and what about surgeon number 2 when he had his shoulder evaluation? Remember what he said?

If I remember correctly, it went something like this: "Even if your shoulder was in good form, the chances of you making the big leagues are less than 2%" Oh, I recall what happened after that when the big leftie said to him: "@$#^^$@# U!!" Honestly, I know that I should not smile at that phrase but it showed me that my kid was in it to win it. That surgeon was misinformed and should never ever say something like that to a young guy. Who is he to shatter someone's dream? In his spare time, does he pull the wings off butterflies too?

Actually, last year when he was on the mound again, no thanks to surgeon 2, he and Uncle G promised each other that they would deliver a pile of poo to the guy's office once this was all over. Do I believe that they would do it? Uh, no...not really...although nothing surprises me these days.

And with that, I have to take my car to the car hospital...it seems to have an undiagnosed issue. It does not need last rites, just a new spark plug or two.


I also have my leadership class and have to call out the students for their less than leader-like antics in the other classes. In a way, it makes a hypocrite out of me when I report to the Chair that they understand the content. now all they have to do is to apply the theory into practice. Do I need a mallet or sledge hammer to get this through their thick heads?

Ok, on to the car hospital....Peace!

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