Monday, October 28, 2013

It's all about the dog

Good morning! It is cool out there. How do I know? Well, without Tink in the house, I am on Diva-duty. That's right. She has decided that she has a tiny bladder and therefore needed to go out multiple times last night and early this morning. What happened to my pre-Scientology Tom Cruise-RayBans long weekend? It's not about me and my mini vacation. It's about the dog...naturally.

Yesterday's culinary therapy was cut short with the news of Big M's readmission to the hospital. I won't go into many details but Big Sis spent the night with him. He has been admitted to the new wing in the hospital which I can only compare to the Ritz Carlton. Meals are called into the kitchen then delivered as room service. The patient decides when he or she wants to eat and then the dinner is delivered. Yesterday, while Big Sis ran home for supplies to spend the night, I sat with my big bro as he slept. He was one tired guy especially after the big homecoming activities. Anyway, while he was in the hospital a few weeks ago, he had a craving for peanut butter and jelly on white bread, which is his comfort food. The kitchen actually made him a sandwich and delivered it to him. That's what I call service!

Speaking of culinary therapy and cravings, our own Wildcat decided that she would create and treat us to Ina Garten's lasagna. Yes, next to cupcakes, lasagna is my secret indulgence. There is nothing better when a person is feeling blue than a warm slice of pasta with all of those gooey ingredients in it. The lasagna that she made was so amazing that I had a second piece with the family. Do I regret it? hmmmm....nope. It is one of those meals that rather than slice it, Big Sis and I would grab a fork and eat it in the pan. No regrets....none....

How is my big boy in the mountains? Well, I did not hear from him yesterday. That's right. He was in-communicado......which I think phone calls or texts. There was one last scrimmage and now all he has to do for the week is work out with the team.

He plans to come home on Friday to see his crew....which is nice. And so, I have to prepare the house by stocking the pantry with the guy's favorites such as granola bars, peanut butter, bagels, bread pudding, baked ziti and so on....Hey! He's 21...we can have Happy hour together as we tackle the problems of the world and search for another way to provide health care for all without tanking the government and raising our taxes.  He's a pretty smart guy; perhaps he can construct another system of third party payment for the US. After all, he has had one half semester of finance, which is probably more than our representatives have had....miffed? What do you think?

And so, as fall ball comes to an end, we will reflect on how the Ranch and Pitching doctor impacted his success. Was it worthwhile to spend the summer in Texas? Was it a good investment? Does he have more confidence now? How about that fast ball? All of these questions will be answered and more in the next few months. In the meantime, I have some work to do and a dog to walk....

Enjoy the day!

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