Friday, October 25, 2013

Road blocks

Good morning! It looks pretty outside but it is COLD! In fact, is was snowing in the mountains  and there was more than frost on the pumpkins. Yesterday, I wrote about my big trip to Home Depot for my heating unit filters knowing....just knowing that I would walk home either with the wrong size or nothing in my hand.

Why? Well, I was prepared for the excursion as I had the unit model written beautifully in my hand. But....yeah...once little helper had no idea what I was talking about. Then I was handed off to "Ed" at the desk who did some online research and asked me the dimensions of the filter at home. Uh, Ed, I have the model here. You guys are the experts. I am just a stooge who wants to save a little money in a service call. How hard is this? Well, you guessed it. It is a lot harder than one would suspect and naturally, I do not have the filters since HD does not carry them. Is it too early to open the box of wine?

OY! On to the big leftie....on Facebook, I received a notice from the team that they were advertising the scrimmage tonight and tomorrow as the blue white games of the season. For the record, the big guy is on the white team. Anyway, tonight, the team expects a big crowd as they finish the fall season. Guess what? The big kid with the bigger fast ball is not starting. He is closing. Huh? What?

That's right....closing the game 'cause he has the best stuff. Nice to hear about the best stuff, but shouldn't he be starting? Am I missing something here? After all, you generally put the best pitcher on the mound on Friday nights. So, what's the deal?

Apparently, they love his pitching and feel that he would be more effective as a closer, i.e. Mariano Rivera, Papelbon, and Brad Lidge. Hmmm....I thought that he would be peeved but the opposite is true. he says that if he throws one will care if he starts or finishes....nice. And so, I will not be concerned and wait for the call to come in around 9ish for a game summary.

I had considered traveling to the game to watch. But there were a few factors that placed road blocks in front of my travel plans.

Road block 1: It's three hours to and from, through the mountains

Road block 2: It's 30+ degrees there.

Road block 3: I would travel 6 hours back and forth, be home around midnight to once again....and I do mean it...once again....sit through another cold, frigid game to see my kid come out in the third hour at the end of the game to throw perhaps 6-9 pitches....Oh, shades of Bull pen mom......

Road block 4: dad and Tink are traveling to the south tomorrow on a 6 am flight and he says: "I am NOT paying $80.00 to park my car at the airport for 4 days." This is code for: "darling, love of my life, air that I breathe, woman of my heart....get out of bed at 4:30 am and drive us to the airport...."
Yeah, so I will joyfully (yeah, right) arise waaaay before dawn to drop the two travelers off at the airport as I seek to find an opened Starbucks to get me home.

With all that said, I wish that I could travel 6 hours to campus and back on a Friday, sit through the frozen game tonight, arrive home around 1 am, and arise at 4ish am to drive to the airport. Yep, that's me....wanting to do it all. But stopping myself after looking in the mirror and saying: "Are you nuts?"

And so, friends....I will take the evening off.... wait for the post game interview.....go to bed early.....and throw my warmest sweats on for my journey to the airport. Nothing wrong with that, right?

One bonus to these plans, I will be on time for my 9 am Sh'Bam class.....OK, now I have got to go and get some work done. I have been complacent and not as fussy with work. My mind has been all over the place so I need to focus and let my students know that I really do care.
Really. Honestly. I mean it.


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