Monday, October 21, 2013

Rantings of a fool

Good morning! A beautiful fall day and I sit waiting for the electrician again....for the third fix the same thing.....another bird is trying to fly down the chimney. Boy, am I glad that we have a chimney guard and screen on the top of the flue. Jeez.....I do not want to chase a bird or squirrel through the house today or actually....any day....really...

What's up with Big M? Nothing that I have heard although his precious Eagles did not soar yesterday. They never made it out of the nest, so I hope that he slept through it.

The big kid continues his struggles to figure out life. I found out yesterday that the head coach never met the pitching coach before he was hired. Hmmm.....would I ever hire an assistant that I had not met without seeing if we had any chemistry? I have made so many hiring mistakes that I am not one to throw stones but I met each person that I hired and yes, still made the mistake of hiring them.

With that said, I am a bit upset about the pitching coach using the word 'retard' to describe a player. That's right...about as un-PC as a person can be. And stupid too....Really....come one dude. If you have the gall to yell expletives at your players, please find a different word in your rantings. You look like a fool.

 What can I do as a parent? Nothing...absolutely nothing but equip my kid with one-liners, a spine, and the ability to deflect the rantings of an idiot. With that said, I have absolutely no respect for this man. They could go 50-0 this year and I will still think that he is the biggest #%#^* to hit campus in a long time.

Time to run! Peace...

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