Friday, October 11, 2013

No hablo espanol

Hi. I'm back and hanging out with a sick Diva dog. She has an upset tummy and is right next to me on the sofa as I type. I ma not sure what the deal is with her stomach but she seems content leaning on me....sweet....

How is Big M? Well, we still don't know. What a roller coaster...he has a growth on his heart and is multiplying as I type. The docs have to identify what type of cells compose the mass to take immediate action. It is almost 48 hours with no news and it is taking a pound of flesh out of all of us who are sitting and waiting.....and waiting....and waiting.

Big M is a strong and healthy man. He will beat it but we have to get going on it. The oxygenated blood of the heart is feeding this mass as it grows. With that said, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

I will share a bit of disconcerting information that has us furious and confused. It seems that a pseudo friend removed the tumor from his lung two years ago. He stopped by Big M's room and has been tormenting my sister since then. I call him the "big butt" (sorry about my French). Anyway, big butt or BB to sis and me has been looking at the chart and telling Big M that he hopes that he does not have sarcoma since they cannot treat it. He also said that he is not a candidate for a heart transplant since he had overcome cancer. Every time BB enters Big M's room, he has something else negative to say. I am ready to take BB out to the woodshed and so is Big Sis. He is Doctor Gloom and Doom,  and I am ready to set a trap at the door by hanging a bucket of water in the doorway as he walks through it.

The guy is literally clueless about how his words are affecting all of us especially Big M. When they say that a person is highly intelligent but does not have social skills, they put BB's photo on the webpage. He is the poster child for stupidity and poor bedside manner. 

Although it hasn't been all bad. Big sis and I are working on clandestine ways of eliminating BB from the room's guest far, we have been unsuccessful. Oye.....

As we wait, we have been eating our comfort food. I ate an entire bag of Skittles during the operation then had a sugar lag and almost fell asleep. Big sis reaches for pumpkin squares and lattes and Big M loves crunchy peanut butter and jelly on white bread. I also picked up mini chocolate donuts and Devil Dogs. That's right...a million Weight Watchers points which went down the drain when I ordered mac and cheese in the hospital cafeteria. My next splurge is going to have to be lasagne. I have a craving for it. Once I ate the mini chocolate donut, I knew that it had a crack-like effect. Some how, some way, I have to eat lasagne in the next 12 hours.....

And how is my big guy? Well, after studying for 5 days, he did not perform well on his Spanish III test. He's incredibly disappointed and is not sure what to do. Although, he does have a tutor. I believe that he forgot Spanish over the summer despite living in Texas. Learning a language is like using a muscle. The more that you use it, the stronger it gets. By not keeping up with the Spanish over the summer, he regressed and is now trying to overcome his memory deficit.

Tonight, weather permitting, he will pitch 4 innings for the first time since high school. I guess that he is taking the arm out for a spin. I am not sure if he is confident or nervous since we have not spoken in a few days. The sun rises and falls on his fastball, so I am hoping for a few throws in the 90s and high 80s.

With that said, I will be writing tomorrow as we hear from the doctors and bullpen.  Signing out on a very rainy day! Adios!

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