Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Time to travel

Good morning! It is raining and my car is in the the weather an omen about the amount of $ it is going to take to fix it? I am hoping that I am reading too much into these little signals.

Hey! Finally, we have some good news about Big M. It seems that his cancer markers will respond to a pill that is going to shrink the tumor and allow for radiation. Finally..finally...finally... good news. Did I say 'good news?' I mean 'great news!' As I left his room yesterday, he made plans to take Big Sis, Scoob and me to Naples, Florida (not Italy, although I could certainly enjoy a trip there too). His plans have us all elated since he is looking ahead and ready to enjoy the sunshine of the south. In the meantime, his son Leftie has taken over his business and doing an amazing job. Kudos, dude.....Not only did he help to save his dad's life but also his business....

How is my big boy? Hmmm....he called again yesterday to let his dad know that he might not be home this weekend, because the coach called a team meeting at 3 pm and these meetings can take up to three hours. Leaving late on a Friday and driving home in the dark when he is exhausted is not an option. Can anyone say 'disappointed?' I was already sitting at a table at Big Fish having a fish taco and pinot grigio with the kid in my, I will be at a table, but it will be in my own kitchen cracking into the box of wine with Diva.

I do have some uber-cool news....the 2014 baseball schedule has been published....guess where we are going? Why am I say 'we' rather than 'him'? Well....I want to go to North Carolina, Tampa, and California!!!! Yahoo! I do, I do, I doooooo! Can I afford it? Can anyone say 'charge it?'

Yeah, the schedule is put together in an amazing way. The team will have the opportunity to play all over the country and see so many new sites. This is what it is all about.....the journey. Whereas it is true, that all he wants is to make the MLB, he has to realize that the travel and camaraderie is part of what makes this such a special life. Dang....a week in California hanging out with the guys, having all expenses paid for, and living a dream is too great not to appreciate.

I want to go not only to support the big guy, but to see the sites and take time off from the home grind. In NC, I can visit with Blue Devil. I also have cousins in California and friends in! If it all works out, it could be a spectacular season of travel. I am actually not sure how good the team is, so I will save judgment for the first few games.

And so, the future looks amazing. Although I want the leftie to understand that no matter how things settle in the future, he is to savor each delectable moment of this season. Win or lose, remember it is the journey together.....

As Wildcat, my former college doubles partner will attest, those days with the team were filled with angst and and downs...ying and yang...bagels and cream cheese (oops)...Honestly, these days were very special and I want my son to know what a privilege it is that he can play at such a high level and enjoy the accoutrements associated with division 1 baseball.

Ok, no more pontificating....time to work.

hasta luego!

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