Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We wait

Howdy! Greetings from the patient waiting area at the hospital....that's right....we are here with Big Sis, BP grandmom, and grandpop as we wait for Big M to get out of surgery. Yep, he's in there under anesthesia undergoing another biopsy. The first one was inconclusive. Therefore, they have to know what is going on and so, into the OR he went.

It's been a bit stressful for the family as a series of unknowns have plagued the diagnosis. If I hear the sentence: "Gee, this is so unusual" again, I'll implode.

With that said, prayers and good thoughts are in the air....we're feeling positive....good vibes...mojo.....good doctors and nurses. Big M has a tremendous we wait.

What else is new? Well, my last class with my ESL students was today. first, I thought that I only had to teach for 6 weeks, but it turned out to be a total of seven weeks. I kept on going and had the students create a website for their homeland. It was pretty good, but getting there was a bit painful....

Yesterday, I had my seniors gather around the front of the room because I was going to teach something very important. So, as they reluctantly moved their chairs to the front of the room, I began to teach and quiz them. The woman who sits in the last row with her computer open through class sat in front of me at my request, leaned on her left hand, and fell asleep.

That's right...ZZZZZZ.....Uh huh, let me say that I was not pleased. Even when she sits in the back she does not fall asleep, so I am not sure why she felt so comfy sitting right in front of me, closing her eyes, and drifting off into slumber. Really? Am I that boring? Or is she that tired? I am not sure but we will have a conversation next Tuesday before class and again, I will bring her to the front of the room and dare her to fall asleep. Some teachers throw pens and markers at the sleeping students. Me, projectile objects in hand to fling at unsuspecting and uber-relaxed students. I'll probably hand her a cup of coffee or some chocolate.

A few years ago, I had an early morning class in which the girl in the third row would begin to drift, then her eyes rolled to the back of her head. I had two options...send her body to the morgue or check with a mirror for breathing. She fell asleep every week. It never failed. It became a joke after a while and I just let her sleep. it was up to her to get the notes so that she could pass.

Oh, well...the mind is numb as I sit and wait for the news.

Take care!

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