Saturday, October 26, 2013

Queen of the supermarket

Good morning! This is a very early morning post since I had to drop Tink and dad off at the airport. It was so early that Starbucks was not open yet as I drove by to make absolutely sure that it was closed, I spooked the kid who was filling the salads in the dark. Yep, she never turned on the lights so my headlights scared the heck out of her. Ah, no big deal although I must admit there is absolutely nothing on television before 7 am.

As I watch the Fox and Friends news (truly, there is nothing on), it seems that Tom Hanks has been named the nicest guy in Hollywood. As I think about it, I can see it. I like the guy and can see myself having a glass of boxed wine with him chatting about the weather. After all, he is the iconic Forrest Gump. Interestingly, the big kid rewatched Forrest this week and commented that he felt Jenny had taken advantage of Forrest. I did not see that in the movie, but he did. I thought that Jenny was misguided and loved Forrest in her own way. We have agreed to disagree on this issue.

Another newsy tidbit that I have is that Halloween is the second biggest candy holiday of the year. Candy corn was once known as 'chicken feed'. Lastly, a full moon on Halloween is as rare as me finding enough cash in the bottom of my pocketbook for a cup of coffee.

And so you have it....on to last night's big smack down in the mountains as the team was broken in half for the end of fall ball. At the end of the week, there will be come broken hearts who will be cut. For now, my big guy is safe.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a strong desire to attend last night's game 'cause I knew that he would play. As usual, I was and continue to be...wrong. It seems that he was set to close but first the score was lopsided, so there was no need for a closer. Then his team came back to win in the bottom of the 9th so he did not need to pitch. Mind you, it was 30ish degrees there and he needed enough time to
warm up his arm.      

The coaches promised him that he would play today. Sadly, I won't be making the climb up the mountain since it's the big Homecoming anniversary football game. Here are the details:

Big M was the star player and captain of the city championship team that won 40 (gulp) years ago. I was there and remember when he caught the winning touchdown pass in the end zone as the team pulled out a narrow victory. I cannot tell you who I went with or sat with at the game but I absolutely have the winning catch in the corner of the end zone in my mind.

Today, at Homecoming, the school will honor the team at half time. Nephew Tuna will be on the field as nose tackle. Big M is the master of ceremony. It should be a lot of fun since I have not been to homecoming....ever....will I see anyone that I know? Hmmm...maybe....will I recognize them? Hmmmm...probably not. You see, I had over 900 kids in my graduating class. Therefore for me to recognize someone as a classmate, they will have to hit me on the head and tell me their name and that he or she sat behind me in geometry. Although I would like to see a few selected guys again. They helped me to get through physics. I was so clueless that when the guys around me tried to cheat off my paper, they reverse cheated. Yeah, they knew that I had no clue  from the looks of my answers, so they whispered the actual answers to me. Hey, I did not ask for their help. I knew that I was absolutely helpless in this class. But they took pity on me and did not want to see me buried in numbers and vectors. Believe it or not, it was two years later when I was in college that physics finally made sense. Do I use it now? What do you think? I don't even know my math tables anymore. And with the computer, my handwriting is now chicken scratch.

Speaking of bad handwriting, as I type this note and am a bit nostalgic about my school days, I do remember a time in the fourth grade. I had a very very very old nun. She was mean too. Anyway, she was calling kids up to the front of the class to place a piece of straw into the manger since it was Christmas. When she called my name, she told me to sit down because my handwriting was so bad that I did not deserve to put any straw into baby Jesus's manger. Yep, arrest me....I could not make a capital Q or Z without messing up the Palmer Method. Another kid and me were the only ones in the class that day who did not make the baby's bed of straw. Now that is something that I do recall and was horrific at the time. I am pretty sure that I am scarred by it which could be one of the reasons why I am a bit nutso today. I cannot blame BP grandmom or grandpop for this one....

Oh man....on Fox and Friends, the chef is making pumpkin dumplings and pumpkin risotto. Dang, I am hungry......

Well, it is time for me to think about getting caught up on some work. With Tink and dad out of the house for the weekend, I am feeling a bit like Tom Cruise as he danced in the foyer with his RayBans on. Do I miss them? Uh, sure. Of's just me and Diva until Tuesday.

By the way, our Tink has a job and is returning to school! Can anyone say: "Produce" or "Paper or plastic?" Bruce Springsteen sings a song, "The Queen of the Supermarket." Could he be singing about our Tink? That's right....she is now a member of the illustrious supermarket industry. This is great for me. I may never have to stand in line again. Although, she said that it is against policy for me to go through her line in the supermarket. Frankly, I will stay away and let her focus on her bagging and re-stocking....  After all, there is a special on canned pumpkin this week.

Ok, I have rambled on enough...more coming about homecoming and the big scrimmage today.

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