Saturday, October 12, 2013


Good morning! Or is it? Well, the birds are singing and the sun is out. Diva has stopped vomiting, but Big M faces another huge challenge as he battles cancer. Yes, it is the big C and we're cautiously optimistic. No one is giving up and if I have my way, he will be sitting on the beach in May. That's it. I will accept nothing else. And so, we attack the cancer in the only way that we know a bloody, no prisoners battle. With that said, we pray, hope, and will try not to worry.

On to the big kid in the mountains and he was somber last night. The team had a scrimmage in the rain and so, the mound was a bit dicey. When he called home, I was shocked to hear that the coaches went through with the game, but, hey...I am not calling the shots...'cause if I was, there would be no cancer, no sadness, homelessness, and high prices for gasoline.

Anyway, according to the leftie, he did not walk anyone. This means that he did not have to run. Ok, this is positive. Then he started the usual banter that he has with dad, although dad was at a hockey game, so I took the call and tried to imagine what he was saying...."I had an 0-2 pitch on Gopher, then he hit the ball for a single on the end of his bat. It was cheap." Cheap indeed. Hey Gopher, next time you want to hit a single off my kid, hit the ball on the barrel for an expensive hit. Then another kid got a cheap single off the end of his bat. uh-oh...two men on base.....Then a freshman (of all things!) got a real hit and I gave up an earned run. "I was so angry....then the inning was over."

Hmmm....the coach came to him and asked why he was so angry. He doesn't know my kid well yet, does he? "I told him that I was not pleased with the outing."
Then the coach said that he had some great pitches. Are we talking about a guy who sees his glass half empty? I am thinking that it is half full.

And so, my reply was typical BPM as I told him to knock off the pity party. "I am not asking for pity."

Ok, then, knock off the doubts and the ultra-need for perfection in October. If this happened in May, then I would say 'trouble.' But this is October, for crying out loud. Fall ball really just started. You are making strides incrementally. A car does not go from 0 to 60 without hitting 10, 20, 30 and so on. Give it a rest. Get some perspective and go out and have fun.

"I can't! I can't get home because there is a stupid homecoming parade closing the main road."

Oh, dude, oh dude...homecoming is what college is all about. Come on....homecoming, man. Embrace these college years because the mortgage, braces, and lawn mowing are coming. As you sit up at night with the dog vomiting on you, you will look back on homecoming and the pomp and circumstances and wish that you could have enjoyed the moment more.

Listen, we do not know when this will end. Enjoy the journey, 'cause you may not like the destination.

OK, got to work out....Sh'Bam, baby!

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