Friday, October 4, 2013

Hang in there, Bro...

Good Morning! I am trying to get back on track after a wacky, scary week. I'll share the big kid's news at the end of the blog.

Ok, here is what happened......last Friday, I went to see Scooby at the mall. She is a make up artist for Bobbi Brown and had asked us to stop by since there was a major special. And so, being the good sister that I am and having absolutely nothing to do, I went. As I sat in the chair, she took 2 hours to give me a makeover. Sounds, right.

Actually, between the eye liner, concealer, corrector, and so on, we chatted away solving all of the problems of the world. It was a good way to catch up. As I sat there for the second hour, Big Sis walked in and it was her turn. She also took an hour as we finalized plans for world domination, the recovery of the national debt, and assorted ways to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. (Let me be clear, we need reform....not this doesn't do what it promises. Read the bill....). Once we finished our discussion, we parted ways and I told Big Sis that big M had to take her out to dinner. Her make up was too fine to take off and not share with the world.

At 8ish, I was chipping off my make up when Big Sis called. Thinking that she was going to share with me how Big M loved her new look, her voice was stuttering and she was shouting into the phone...

"Big M....passed out before dinner....its shocked him....sob..."

Oops. This is really not what I expected. "I'll be right there...." And so, I left the house with half of my new make up on and the other half off. Now, that is love, right? Or someone who should have taken an extra moment to look into the mirror, 'cause if Big M saw me with half of my face done over, he may have thought that he had a stroke.

Ok, at hospital, I got the story....he wasn't feeling well when we got to restaurant. Gave him a coke and got him to the car to go home. As he sat in the front, he passed out. Oye! Leftie pushed him into passenger seat and she took off for hospital three minutes away. Leftie was on the phone with 911. Big Sis drove 100 mph down the expressway to the nearest hospital while Big M needed defibrillation. She began hitting his chest as he was out...really out. She drove over the cement barrier in front of the hospital with her Yukon and as she parked in front of the ER, he woke up and said "why are you hitting me?"

Once in the ER, the staff defibrillated and stabilized him. Now the real fun begins. However, just to say...Big Sis and Leftie are heroes. They saved his life by acting quickly and getting him to the hospital where he started the recovery process. Keeping their heads and wits, they only broke down once he was stabilized. Well can thump my chest when my heart fibrillates any time....

As the doctors began the process of determining if he had a heart attack or if his asthma was the trigger to the arrest, no one could agree. The pulmonologist said that he did not have asthma. The heart doctor said that it was his asthma meds. Another doctor said that it was something else. So, guess what? Big Sis transferred him to a larger hospital for evaluation. But, before he left in the ambulance to the teaching institution, we thanked the little hospital whose staff could not agree for saving his life.

And so, here is where he sits today. In the bigger, more sophisticated hospital....he needs two types of surgery. The first one is a biopsy, because is seems that he has a mass on his heart. How often does this happen? can anyone say: "never", yet it has happened to Big M. The second surgery is an internal defibrillator and pacemaker because he needs it. Usually people in their 70's and 80's have this device, yet Big M needs it in his fifties. He is not eligible for a heart transplant since he had cancer two years ago. By the way, the doctors misdiagnosed it, so he had treatable cancer at one point.

On Monday, he is undergoing his heart biopsy at 11 am. Here is where I asked for your prayers for the big guy. I have known him since I was a teenager and he has been the big brother that I never had. He is a amazing person and I want him to overcome this one once again. We are going to pray the mass out of his system. Good luck Big M. You can do are a big strong guy and can handle anything that comes your way. We are on your side. Hang in there, bro.

Alrighty, now on to the big leftie....yes, I did pray for him. But I kind of prayed harder for Big M. After all, there was some parallel to what was going on. Big M was fighting for his life. Buddy was fighting for his professional life. Anyway, here is what happened....first, I want to thank everyone who did say a prayer for my kid. He was stressed and yesterday was the day that he has waited for since he was once whacking the plastic ball in the backyard. He was ready.

Ok, I waited and waited for a phone call. I finally got it around 7:30 pm, which had me a bit bugged, but I was sending good thoughts and calming prayers his way.

"Mom, it's over."  Calm, like a cucumber, "how did it go?"

Here is the synopsis....he kept his hat low over his eyes so that the scouts could not see his eyes and he could not see them. After warming up, he threw fast balls, curves, and change up. According to the big kid, the pitches were good but not great. They hit the plate AND he hit "89!". Ok, so it wasn't 90, but as close as a guy could get. Big Red, his catcher also kept him calm. After it was over, he looked and saw about 40 scouts in the stadium. Now his hope is that at least one scout thinks that he has potential to make it.

The scouts are not allowed to contact him per se. But they can send a letter to him with their interest. Sigh....whew....deep breath.....And now, we wait and he continues to work hard and hope that he stays on their radar guns....and  wait......

Now I have to get back to work. Got some time sensitive projects to complete before noon.
Have a super day!

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