Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One armed basketball player

Good morning! Yesterday I waited for the electrician all morning and he did not come. Soooo, I ran to Target to pick a few items up and behold...by the time I had returned home, he came and went...he did fix the problem on the outside of the house but I also needed him to fix a wire on the inside....hence the flatness of my bottom as I sat on the sofa all morning waiting for the guy. It seems that one of the smoke detectors....one of 13+  ring during the dead of the night because there is a short in one of them that needs re-wiring. And so, since the guy was coming, I was going to have him check on the detectors...naturally, after waiting and waiting, I missed him. So what do I do? Oye! I call him again to fix the smoke detector before I have another middle of the night heart attack as they ring and chime unprovoked.

Mind you...all of this electrician stuff started when dad decided that he would change a light bulb by the garage....damaging the light fixture that is no longer manufactured, so we have to re-wire it...and did....then it burned out again....then fixed again....then burned out again....then other electrical problems in the house emerged and now....there are more problems. If the fixture cannot be fixed then we have to change all of the lanterns around the house....because they match.....hundreds if not thousands of bucks.....Moral of the story...dad is NOT now or ever to change a light bulb.....Just sayin'....stick to accounting....

How's the big kid? Well, he has a work out today with Napoleon and we'll see if anyone has reframed or altered their paradigm when it comes to working out pitchers' arms. He swears that even if he is screamed at, he will continue to advocate for himself....good deal...

On Sunday, we watched the documentary Knuckleball on Showtime. It is about the very few knuckle ball pitchers who made it to the majors.  With that said, it was an interesting story but what I took from it is that these guys have so many obstacles placed before them that the road to the major leagues is incredibly painful. The ups and downs that they experience are extreme. I have a friend whose son was drafted after high school by the Red Sox. He is still in the minors after five years and plans to stay until he is 29 or leave and return to school. There are long bus rides, loneliness, and boredom. He is also paid a stipend which is hardly a living wage. Although he wants to desperately make it in the majors, he is plagued with batting slumps and injuries. And so, to get his mind off his latest injury, he left the country to volunteer at a medical clinic in El Salvador. I think that this is an excellent way to get his mind off his troubles and see the world as it really is. If anything, this experience will be life altering.

And so, today I have to teach a class and run to PT. Tank has been unable to crack through whatever is ailing my right arm. Perhaps it is too far gone to be re-habbed...then what do I do with a problematic right arm? 

Do I really need it? I think so, although I saw on GMA today that there is a one armed high school senior basketball player who is amazing and just signed to play for the University of Florida. He can run, jump, play defense, and shoot the ball better than 99% of the high school seniors in the country. I hope that he achieves his dream...although playing college ball just might be the dream....until he sniffs professional ball....then his mom will be writing their story too. Thus, it will be way more interesting than my story as I wait for electricians. teach class and run to baseball games.

With that said, it's time for me to make a living....adios!

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