Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I like turtles

Good morning! It's foggy and matches my mood. On a good note, Big M is out of the hospital and will continue his journey toward healing on Friday. He was a happy guy as he reunited with Cupcake, Buttercup, Tuna, Leftie, and his healing dog. By the way, the healing dog does NOT bite nice people like Sparky. Let me repeat...the healing dog does not bite, bark, or growl....what did we do wrong?

OK, on to the mountains and the big leftie. I am in a state and think that a journey up north would be therapeutic for me, Tink, and dad. Even if we do not see a scrimmage, perhaps we can enjoy the fall colors as they hit their peak this weekend. He called and texted last night and had some interesting news...

First, the coach called him out in practice and called him an 'embarrassment.' OK, I get it. He likes you...he really likes you! No one would call a player out during a practice in front of everyone unless he knew that the kid could take it and if he expects him to reach his potential under his guidance. At least, that is what I think....According to the big kid, he 'owned it' because he did not pitch well during his bullpen. Gotcha....

Second, the coaches placed him on a team in Illinois for the summer. It's a prospect league with lots of major league scouts attending the games as well as a step up in competition. "Mom, I am going along with this plan. But we know that I will be in rookie ball since I will be drafted in June."

Hmmmm...nice.....optimism...a plan of action.....dare I say, 'prophetic?'

And so, going along with the coaches, I googled the team that he is on and discovered a few things....

1. The team is in the middle of no-where Illinois.
2. They travel by coach bus (no cars) to Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohiooooo, and West Virgina....
3. The team came in last place last year with only 11 wins.
4. The team mascot is a turtle.

And that is all that I know except he has to be there from late May until mid August. Can anyone say, 'when are you going to be home?' Or is this the start of the end and I can turn his room into an exercise or sewing room...a sauna would be nice too....perhaps a large cage for Diva dog? A boxed wine cellar? Game room? Library? Hockey rink? Prayer room?

I guess that I make a joke about it, but in a way, I realize that the big guy is on his way out of my home and ready to be launched into the world...his own world....just BPM circling on occasion when he needs an ear to listen or a cheesecake in the fridge.

Am I going to miss him? what do you think? Of course. I cried for two days when he left for college for the fourth time. One would think that I would be accustomed to seeing his back and backpack as he drives away. But this is life and he has to leave. Or does he? Can I keep him for a little while longer? He could pal around with me in the grocery store....we could work out the Hangover movies together....debate whether Vin Diesel is really a good actor or sham...shout at the Eagles on tv when Vick throws a pick or 5....I'll teach him how to play tennis and paddle...we could go on walks together....

Ok, enough of the weird mom-stuff. He is growing up fast and is ready to leave the home to begin his life. With a case of tissues (Puffs Plus with lanolin), I will say "See you later" as he drives off in the Southern Belle's old wheels.....sniff....Go Turtles!

Have a great day!

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