Sunday, October 27, 2013

Packing heat

Good Sunday morning! It looks like a gorgeous day. I haven't been out yet since Diva and I took the opportunity to sleep a little later today. It amazes me that a 7 pound dog is a bed-hog, but she is. I was sent to a corner of the bed as she took the middle. Naturally, I did not disturb her since I did not want her to wake up to have her plead to be taken outside at 2 am....Who's in charge here? Obviously, it is not me.

Yesterday, I did not hear about the scrimmage until it was well over. He had a so-so outing but was feeling OK about it. he says that his elbow hurts and I just let that go on one ear and out the other. He's going to have the trainer stretch his arm out today. It amazes me how the sun rises and sets on how this guy's arm is feeling. When did we become so interested in the arm? Do we insure it? Do we have to? When is fall ball over? I know that he needs a break, but so do I!

On to Homecoming! Well, Big M was the star of the show. He was an honorary captain and able to gather half of the players on the only undefeated football team in the school's history. There were cheerleaders (who were lame), a homecoming court with a crowned queen and king, a band that I could not hear, the half time ceremony, and the game.  Our own Tuna was the defensive star of the first half. Last week, he had an epic game as he played with a torn labrum and shoulder strap. As he helped to win the game, the team signed the ball, gave it to Big M, and multiple stories were written in the newspaper and about the kid who played his heart out injured for his dad with heart cancer. Fast forward to this week, Tuna was going crazy as he hit, blocked, and tackled.....all was going according to plan when it happened in the second half. One of the opposing players knew about the torn labrum and took a cheap shot at it. Tuna, in searing pain, hit the ground and had to be attended to by the team physician. As he was helped off the field, we could see that his shoulder has separated and he was in agony. After the doctor 'popped' it back in, it was iced and so was Tuna. No more football this year AND no rugby in the spring. It seems that our Tuna is out for at least a year as he has surgery and rehab. He and his family are pretty devastated. How much more can they take as they deal with Big M and the Tuna's injury?

Well, I will tell you....they are tough and handle problems as they come on. The are victors and not victims. They will continue as a family to tackle shoulder separations and cancer and will win these wars. Next week, Big M will start his cancer treatment and I know that he is going to beat it. Big Sis and I have a feeling....perhaps it is faith. Nonetheless, he will get better. He has the thoughts and prayers of an entire community behind him. The pink sisters and the retired IHM nuns are praying for Big M and his family. So, with the support, he can and will make it.

**Just a quick note to share how tough the family is....Tuna had a prom date last night and he did not miss it. He put on the tux as gently as possible, then went to the dance. This kid can do all kinds of things....I am impressed....he did not let his date down and refused to wallow in pity.

After yesterday's game, Big M hosted a party at the tavern across the street from the school. He was the star again as everyone wanted to chat and hug him. I got a little worried because he gets short of breath easily, but it was his and the team's night, so enjoy. Anyway, as I walked into the party, I saw a classmate who remembered me from Latin class. Yep, Latin....we did not exchange greetings in Latin, 'cause I have never used it except for mass when I was a little kid. Standing next to him was a very big guy who was shocked that I never heard of him. After all, he was the star of the basketball team during that era. Ok, honestly, I remember hearing the name but not the face. Thankfully, he had a name badge on. As he tried to refresh my memory as to who he was, he bought me a drink. Now, I will never forget him.

The party continued and I hung out with Dr. G, Lil A, and Really Big K and his wife. Really Big K was Big M's room mate in college and best friend. During the college years, RBK was ferocious on and off the field. He was crazy. He and Big M roomed with a former NFL player turned announcer for a year. According to legend, the NFL player lost RBK's varsity jacket. He used to wear the guy's clothes and discard them wherever he went. Anyway, RBK went ballistic and carved up the NFL player-to-be's books and threw them and his clothes out the window. Their roomie was officially expelled from the dorm room. To this day, I do not know if RBK and the former roomie reconciled. Hard to say....perhaps one day I will ask him.

The party went on late into the night. Unfortunately, I had Diva at home and had to walk her. I was the first one to reluctantly leave. Before I did, Scooby walked in and the guys from her class ran over buying her drinks and trying to get close. Yeah, Scoob was and still is the 'bomb' and the guys, although married, still love her. One of the groupies was a cop in Jersey. He deals with lots of tough and crazy people. I told him that I was still miffed at him for scaring the heck out of me. A few months ago, Scoob, Tink and I were in Philly for a benefit when a cop pulled me over. I thought that I had gone through a light or stop sign. Nope, it was this guy who wanted to say hi to Scoob....I shared with him that he scared the begeezus out of me and hoped that he was packing heat, 'cause he was going to need it when I finished with him. Guess what? yep, he was packing all was located on his right hip under his shirt. And so, I let my little grudge go....this time....OK?

All righty, time for me to head to the Y for Zumba class. Wildcat is headed over later to make some comfort food. Yep, it's good to have friends and family. No need to carry a concealed weapon, a not concealed lasagne is much better.


***Just got a call from BP Grandmom, Big M is being taken to the hospital right now. He is not feeling well. Please keep him in your prayers. Thanks.....

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