Monday, October 7, 2013

Thinking is not over rated

Helloooo! I am sitting in the family room waiting for my pumpkin cupcakes to cool to frost them to take to Big Sis and Big M and am getting nervous. As I listen to a crow trying to enter my chimney, I am having flashbacks of when a squirrel made it through a few years ago and we had havoc and mayhem in the BPM household.....I think if this crow makes it in, then I am doomed, 'cause I have no idea how to get him out of the I sit, listen, type, and hope that he gives up and finds a nice tree to live in....

How is Big M? Well, after a good weekend and an Eagles win, I think that he did pretty well. However, this morning at 11 am, he will have his biopsy and we are all praying without ceasing and sending positive vibes and mojo to the hospital. He's a tough guy....he can take on anything including any illness. Actually, he can beat it and beat it to a pulp. Positive, hope, and don't worry....

And how is my big leftie? Well, I did not hear from him until last night  after the scrimmage. Apparently the new coaches like to read books. This is a step up from the other coaches.....after all, they are in college and should be learning on and off the field, right? Anyway, the book is about mental toughness and so, the big kid read it (whew....)...and he incorporated some of the suggestions in the book.

If I remember correctly....he pitched two innings.....there was a walk, a hit, two strikeouts on 6 pitches....nice. Apparently, he began to struggle and the coaches were looking for the hook to pull him off the field, when he thought about the book and threw as hard as he could. With that, he hit 90 and struck the hapless players out at the plate. In fact, the last pitch hit the catcher's glove before the batter took a that is fast!

Ok, so he is in a happy mood and is now reconfiguring the way that he approaches the plate and pitch. In other words, he is thinking...Remember earlier when the coaches told him 'not to think?' And last year's gem of a pitching coach told him not to think, but also that he was a junior and should know how to get out of a pitching jam, which means he had to think! Did that make sense? No? Well, it doesn't make sense to me either, but.....when a guy gets mixed messages, he gets confused. Apparently, the new group of coaches like him to think but also have the mechanics to back up his thoughts (Oy, I need a Merlot, after that one....).

And with that thought, the cupcakes are cool and the crow has moved on. Have a great day!

Peace and Go Big M!

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