Friday, October 18, 2013

De-coding the text

Good morning! And it is...sort of....Sparky sent a photo of Diva's bite and it looks like it is very painful. Oye! That dog needs sedation....prozac...therapy...or maybe, I do.....anyway...

Big M has two oncologist appointments today to see what the next step of treatment is. I am keeping positive thoughts in my head and heart.

How is the big kid? Well, he called this morning very early, as I was sleeping off my last night's class. Sadly, I was not near the phone and did not answer, but dad did. And from what I could tell, the leftie was NOT in good spirits....hmmmm.....he spoke with dad for 10 minutes and hung up....

OK, I was off the clock at that point, then I got a series of texts.....

"Trainer and I got into it."

'Good. Hold ur ground. U have been playing ball since he was in diapers.'

"I know. He snapped and I gotta talk to coach so I can explain my stance to him before he spins it."

'Poor coping mechanisms.'

"Attacked me after I said I didn't want to hold my body up on towels for 30 seconds."

'Hmmm. I'll ask Tank about it since he is a PT.'

"I'm pitching today. That's why."

'Tank says he would worry about muscle fatigue especially on a throwing day.'

"Yeah and the trainer never played."

And so you have a series of cryptic communications between mother and son that even the Soviets could not de-code.

After PT, I spoke with him and told him to hold his ground. After all, he has to advocate for himself since the trainer cannot.

An hour later, he called and said that he saw the trainer by the library and spoke to him about his philosophy and why he chooses not to do arm lifts, pulls, and hand stands on the days that he pitches. The trainer understood, they shook...all done...

Tonight, he gets to pitch without lifting today as he hopes that it makes a difference in the velocity and location of each pitch.

Ok, enough said. I am ready to work out and have happy hour with Diva. Although, I am still peeved at her not only for the Sparky biting incident but there is a puddle next to my chair. Oh Diva! What am I going to do with you? Someone, please open the box of wine...I need a sip or 5....

Have a great day!

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